02 May

Today’s School System Is Outdated And Sabotaging The Way Children Learn – What Can A Parent Do?

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Every parent wants to raise talented, confident and successful children. But some children get left behind in school because they get bored with traditional teaching methods. Academic performance suffers when children aren’t fully engaged in the subject and don’t feel confident in their skills. Now, a talent specialist is saying there’s an easy way to teach children virtually anything — and it only takes 5 minutes per day.

A coach for some of the best and brightest in Silicon Valley, and innovative companies including Disney, Microsoft and HP, Opher Brayer has discovered a unique method that helps children learn faster.

He claims that today’s school systems are outdated and are sabotaging the way children learn. Social media and the internet can make things even worse — kids don’t develop critical thinking, problem solving, and reasoning skills because they’re constantly distracted. Also, they’re not developing the one skill he believes is most important for the future.

Given their shorter attention spans and the gaps in today’s educational system, Opher developed something that helps young minds build their IQ, imagination and creativity.

Not only that, this method makes learning a fun activity that takes kids offline, so they can develop a new way of thinking and learn faster in all types of new situations.

So instead of turning to textbooks and using rote learning methods, this method helps young minds learn new skills that improve their music, design, dance, artistic, and sports skills. It only takes 5 minutes a day and can be a fun activity for the whole family.

We did some research on Opher’s program and found that parents have been paying over $3,000 for his in-person training sessions. But for a limited time, parents can get Free Access to the mini course of that same training to see how it works.